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About me

I am an American citizen who grew up in the Netherlands and moved to the UK for university. I studied for my undergraduate degree in Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia (UEA), in Norwich. As part of my degree, I carried out my Year in Industry working within the global Environmental Sustainability team of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), in London. After graduating from UEA with a high 1st class degree, I moved to Exeter, where I undertook my masters degree in Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture. Earlier in 2021, I worked as a Research Assistant on a policy-relevant project, giving me experience in both academic and corporate environments. 

Since completing an online Infographics course in 2016, I have enjoyed finding creative ways of presenting data. I am highly skilled at a range of graphic design software packages and would love to use those skills to help you increase the impact of your visual communications.

Key skills

   • Internationally aware
   • Analytical mindset
   • Experienced writer
   • Highly organised
   • Creative and confident communicator
   • Experience in data collection, analysis and reporting
   • Skilled at data visualisation and graphic design
   • Ability to work independently or in a team

Software competencies

   • Microsoft Office suite, including Excel & Powerpoint
   • Affinity design suite, Logoist & Pixelmator for graphic design
   • Final Cut Pro for video editing
   • RStudio & ArcGIS for scientific data visualisation

Interests and hobbies

   • Photography (including film and drone photography)
   • Hiking, camping and generally being in nature
   • Reading and writing
   • Ultimate Frisbee
   • Wild swimming

veronica white freelance communications consultant

Company details:

Registered as: Impact Communications

KvK no: 84568240

+31 615342631