“Together We Can” campaign branding for the Agri-EPI Centre

veronica white impact communications visual branding together we can

Client: Agri-EPI Centre

Date: January 2022

Summary: The Agri-EPI Centre is one of the UK’s four Agri-Tech Centres aiming to bridge the gap between industry and academia across the agri-food sector in the UK and globally. I was hired to help create visuals for their newest campaign, “Together We Can.”

Outputs: I was tasked with creating a library of social media templates for the marketing and communications team to use. As part of this, I designed mock-ups of a number of different template ideas and then created the final templates in Canva, which I had never used prior to this project. Additionally, I also worked on designing “The Ultimate Guide to Grant Writing,” which is available to download here

Other outputs included:

  • Branding guidelines for the “Together We Can” campaign
  • “The Ultimate Guide to Grant Writing” document
  • 50 Canva templates (sized for Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Wordpess)
  • Graphic for Agri-EPI Centre employee email signatures 
  • Rebranded presentation slides
  • Membership badges for Agri-EPI Centre members to display on their website
  • Business cards
  • Printed brochures and banners
  • Newsletter template

Skills developed: This project has allowed me to learn how to use Canva for collaborative graphic design. 




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